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Taylor Swift Easter Eggs

As any eagle-eyed Swiftie will tell you, Taylor Swift is a mastermind who loves nothing more than dropping hints in her social media posts, including secret messages in song lyrics, and burying Easter eggs in music videos.

At Swiftie Connection, we want to hear directly from you. What are Easter eggs you think you’ve uncovered from Taylor and her team? Submit your fan theories and conspiracies here and we may feature them on the website!

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Some of our favorite current and past fan theories and Easter eggs that may or may not be true.


We’ll let Taylor be the ultimate mastermind…

The Matty Healy relationship is a precursor to the release of Reputation (Taylor’s Version).

That Karma is a missing album that will be re-released.

All of the Easter eggs in the “You Need to Calm Down” music video.

“Style (Taylor’s Version) featuring Harry Styles” will be released on 1989 (Taylor’s Version).