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DateLocationSurprise Songs
3/17/2023Glendale, AZMirrorball
Tim McGraw
DateLocationSurprise Songs
3/18/2023Glendale, AZThis Is Me Trying
State of Grace
DateLocationSurprise Songs
3/24/2023Las Vegas, NVOur Song
Snow on the Beach
DateLocationSurprise Songs
3/25/2023Las Vegas, NVCowboy Like Me
White Horse
DateLocationSurprise Songs
3/31/2023Arlington, TXSad Beautiful Tragic
DateLocationSurprise Songs
4/1/2023Arlington, TXDeath By A Thousand Cuts
DateLocationSurprise Songs
4/2/2023Arlington, TXJump Then Fall
The Lucky One
DateLocationSurprise Songs
4/13/2023Tampa, FLSpeak Now
DateLocationSurprise Songs
4/14/2023Tampa, FLThe Great War
You're On Your Own, Kid
DateLocationSurprise Songs
4/15/2023Tampa, FLMad Woman
DateLocationSurprise Songs
4/21/2023Houston, TXWonderland
You're Not Sorry
DateLocationSurprise Songs
4/22/2023Houston, TXA Place In This World
Today Was a Fairytale
DateLocationSurprise Songs
4/23/2023Houston, TXBegin Again
Cold as You
DateLocationSurprise Songs
4/28/2023Atlanta, GAThe Other Side of the Door
Coney Island
DateLocationSurprise Songs
4/29/2023Atlanta, GAHigh Infidelity
DateLocationSurprise Songs
4/30/2023Atlanta, GAI Bet You Think About Me
How You Get The Girl
DateLocationSurprise Songs
5/5/2023Nashville, TNSparks Fly
Teardrops on my Guitar
DateLocationSurprise Songs
5/6/2023Nashville, TNOut of the Woods
DateLocationSurprise Songs
5/7/2023Nashville, TNWould've, Could've, Should've
DateLocationSurprise Songs
5/12/2023Philadelphia, PAGold Rush
Come Back…Be Here
DateLocationSurprise Songs
5/13/2023Philadelphia, PAForever & Always
This Love
5/14/2023Philadelphia, PASurprise Songs
Hey Stephen
The Best Day
5/19/2023Foxborough, MASurprise Songs
Should've Said No
Better Man
5/20/2023Foxborough, MASurprise Songs
5/21/2023Foxborough, MASurprise Songs
I Think He Knows
5/26/2023East Rutherford, NJSurprise Songs
Getaway Car
5/27/2023East Rutherford, NJSurprise Songs
Holy Ground
False God
5/28/2023East Rutherford, NJSurprise Songs
Welcome To New York
6/2/2023Chicago, ILSurprise Songs
I Wish You Would
The Lakes
6/3/2023Chicago, ILSurprise Songs
You All Over Me
I Don't Wanna Live Forever
6/4/2023Chicago, ILSurprise Songs
Hits Different
The Moment I Knew
6/9/2023Detroit, MISurprise Songs
I Almost Do
6/10/2023Detroit, MISurprise Songs
All You Had To Do Was Stay
6/16/2023Pittsburgh, PASurprise Songs
Mr. Perfectly Fine
The Last Time
6/17/2023Pittsburgh, PASurprise Songs
The Story of Us
6/23/2023Minneapolis, MNSurprise Songs
Paper Rings
If This Was A Movie
6/24/2023Minneapolis, MNSurprise Songs
Dear John
6/30/2023Cincinnati, OHSurprise Songs
I'm Only Me When I'm With You
7/1/2023Cincinnati, OHSurprise Songs
I Miss You, I'm Sorry
Call It What You Want
7/7/2023Kansas City, MOSurprise Songs
Never Grow Up
When Emma Falls In Love
7/8/2023Kansas City, MOSurprise Songs
Last Kiss
7/14/2023Denver, COSurprise Songs
Picture To Burn
7/15/2023Denver, COSurprise Songs
Back To December
7/22/2023Seattle, WASurprise Songs
This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
Everything Has Changed
7/23/2023Seattle, WASurprise Songs
Message In A Bottle
Tied Together With A Smile
7/28/2023Santa Clara, CASurprise Songs
Right Where You Left Me
Castles Crumbling
7/29/2023Santa Clara, CASurprise Songs
Stay Stay Stay
All Of The Girls You Loved Before
8/3/2023Inglewood, CASurprise Songs
I Can See You
8/4/2023Inglewood, CASurprise Songs
Our Song
You Are In Love
8/5/2023Inglewood, CASurprise Songs
Death By A Thousand Cuts
You’re On Your Own, Kid
8/7/2023Inglewood, CASurprise Songs
8/8/2023Inglewood, CASurprise Songs
I Know Places
King Of My Heart
8/9/2023Inglewood, CASurprise Songs
New Romantics
New Year's Day
8/24/2023Mexico City, MexicoSurprise Songs
I Forget That You Existed
Sweet Nothing
8/25/2023Mexico City, MexicoSurprise Songs
Tell Me Why
Snow On The Beach
8/26/2023Mexico City, MexicoSurprise Songs
Cornelia Street
You’re On Your Own, Kid
8/27/2023Mexico City, MexicoSurprise Songs
11/9/2023Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSurprise Songs
The Very First Night
11/11/2023Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSurprise Songs
Is It Over Now?
End Game
11/12/2023Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSurprise Songs
Better Than Revenge
11/17/2023Rio de Janeiro, BrazilSurprise Songs
Stay Beautiful
Suburban Legends
11/19/2023Rio de Janeiro, BrazilSurprise Songs
Dancing With Our Hands Tied
Bigger Than The Whole Sky
11/20/2023Rio de Janeiro, BrazilSurprise Songs
So It Goes...
11/24/2023Sao Paulo, BrazilSurprise Songs
Now That We Don’t Talk
11/25/2023Sao Paulo, BrazilSurprise Songs
Safe & Sound
11/26/2023Sao Paulo, BrazilSurprise Songs
Say Don’t Go
It’s Time To Go
2/7/2024Tokyo, JapanDear Reader
Holy Ground
2/8/2024Tokyo, JapanEyes Open
Electric Touch
2/9/2024Tokyo, JapanSuperman
The Outside
2/10/2024Tokyo, JapanCome In With The Rain
You’re On Your Own, Kid
2/16/2024Melbourne, AustraliaRed
You're Losing Me
2/17/2024Melbourne, AustraliaGetaway Car/August/The Other Side Of The Door
This Is Me Trying
2/18/2024Melbourne, AustraliaCome Back Be Here/Daylight
Teardrops On My Guitar
2/23/2024Sydney, AustraliaHow You Get The Girl
Coney Island/White Horse
2/24/2024Sydney, AustraliaShould’ve Said No/You’re Not Sorry
New Year’s Day/Peace
2/25/2024Sydney, AustraliaIs It Over Now?/I Wish You Would
2/26/2024Sydney, AustraliaWould’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve/Ivy
Forever & Always/Maroon
I Don’t Wanna Live Forever/Dress
3/3/2024SingaporeLong Story Short/The Story of Us
3/4/2024SingaporeFoolish One/Tell Me Why
This Love/Call It What You Want
3/7/2024SingaporeDeath By A Thousand Cuts/Babe
Fifteen/You’re On Your Own, Kid
3/8/2024SingaporeSparks Fly/Gold Rush
False God/Slut!
3/9/2024SingaporeTim McGraw/Cowboy Like Me
5/9/2024Paris, FranceParis
5/10/2024Paris, FranceIs It Over Now?/Out Of The Woods
My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys
5/11/2024Paris, FranceHey Stephen
5/12/2024Paris, FranceThe Alchemy/Treacherous
Begin Again/Paris
5/17/2024Stockholm, SwedenI Think He Knows/Gorgeous
5/18/2024Stockholm, SwedenGuilty as Sin?
Say Don’t Go/Welcome to New York/Clean
5/19/2024Stockholm, SwedenMessage In A Bottle/How You Get The Girl/New Romantics
How Did It End?
5/24/2024Lisbon, PortugalCome Back, Be Here/The Way I Loved You/The Other Side Of The Door
Fresh Out The Slammer/High Infidelity
5/25/2024Lisbon, PortugalThe Tortured Poets Department/Now That We Don’t Talk
You’re On Your Own, Kid/Long Live
5/30/2024Madrid, Spain
6/2/2024Lyon, France
6/3/2024Lyon, France
6/7/2024Edinburgh, United Kingdom
6/8/2024Edinburgh, United Kingdom
6/9/2024Edinburgh, United Kingdom
6/13/2024Liverpool, United Kingdom
6/14/2024Liverpool, United Kingdom
6/15/2024Liverpool, United Kingdom
6/18/2024Cardiff, United Kingdom
6/21/2024London, United Kingdom
6/22/2024London, United Kingdom
6/23/2024London, United Kingdom
6/28/2024Dublin, Ireland
6/29/2024Dublin, Ireland
6/30/2024Dublin, Ireland
7/4/2024Amsterdam, Netherlands
7/5/2024Amsterdam, Netherlands
7/6/2024Amsterdam, Netherlands
7/9/2024Zurich, Switzerland
7/10/2024Zurich, Switzerland
7/13/2024Milan, Italy
7/14/2024Milan, Italy
7/17/2024Gelsenkirchen, Germany
7/18/2024Gelsenkirchen, Germany
7/19/2024Gelsenkirchen, Germany
7/23/2024Hamburg, Germany
7/24/2024Hamburg, Germany
7/27/2024Munich, Germany
7/28/2024Munich, Germany
8/1/2024Warsaw, Poland
8/2/2024Warsaw, Poland
8/3/2024Warsaw, Poland
8/8/2024Vienna, Austria
8/9/2024Vienna, Austria
8/10/2024Vienna, Austria
8/15/2024London, United Kingdom
8/16/2024London, United Kingdom
8/17/2024London, United Kingdom
8/18/2024London, United Kingdom
8/19/2024London, United Kingdom
8/20/2024London, United Kingdom
10/25/2024New Orleans, Louisiana
10/26/2024New Orleans, Louisiana
10/27/2024New Orleans, Louisana
11/1/2024Indianapolis, Indiana
11/2/2024Indianapolis, Indiana
11/14/2024Toronto, Canada
11/15/2024Toronto, Canada
11/16/2024Toronto, Canada
11/21/2024Toronto, Canada
11/22/2024Toronto, Canada
11/23/2024Toronto, Canada
12/6/2024Vancouver, Canada
12/7/2024Vancouver, Canada
12/8/2024Vancouver, Canada